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The Contemporary, Informed Grandmother Series - Available now for booking!

Contact me to schedule a group session for fall!


Surviving Cold & Flu Season Utilizing Complementary Care

1.  Learn how to lessen your chance of getting colds & flu.

2.  Learn how to lessen duration and severity of symptoms.

3.  Make a room spray ("Not your Momma's Lysol") to use during cold & flu season.  

4.  Make an essential oil bath salt to use if you become symptomatic.


Class is limited to 8 people per session.

Call or text 270-559-5955 to register and get Elizabethtown location address.


Cost $30 to be paid at time of class  

Click here to contact me online!


The following topics are also available:

The Contemporary, Informed Grandmother Takes on Stress!

The Contemporary, Informed Grandmother Takes on Toxic Living


Coming in 2020 - Contact Sharrie to be added to the Announcement List

Donations accepted.  Don’t miss this unique experience! Fire ceremony provides a time to heal and shift habits and patterns that no longer serve you.  It provides an avenue to let go of the old story and drama and to heal deeply without having to experience these issues at the mental and physical levels. There will also be a drum circle.  No prerequisites required.


If you would like to register for this class, please contact Sharrie Thompson at 270-559-5955, to reserve your space and receive address. You may also send a message via the CONTACT page at


Both sessions with Janice "One Eagle Plume" Mickle

HONORING THE ANCESTORS with Janice “One Eagle Plume” Mickle

janice mickle

Coming in 2020 - contact Sharrie Thompson to be added to the Announcement List

Class Fee: $7


Using meditation and Shamanic Journeying, we will honor each of our ancestral lineages (maternal and paternal), and clear limiting beliefs and patterns as well as clear karmic overlay from ourselves. This clearing is then gifted to your descendants! We will journey as ancient people have done for over 40,000 years – some anthropologists believe it has been in existence for 100,000 years. Journeying is a shamanic technique that is open to any spiritual tradition and can be integrated with other belief systems. This easily-learned technique allows you to the opportunity to prepare the path for healing and seeking answers.2


Please bring with you to the workshop: something to lie on, blanket for comfort, eye covering such as a bandana, pillow, bottled water, snacks, and a sack lunch. You’ll need paper and pen to take notes. Wear comfortable clothing. If you have physical requirements that need to be accommodated, please let us know.


Contact Sharrie Thompson at 270-559-5955 or sharriethompson @ gmail . com to register and receive address by September 23rd OR send a message through the Contact page.

Janice Mickle, is a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Usui and Karuna™ Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Medicine for the Earth Teacher, Munay-Ki rites facilitator, and Star Knowledge Circle facilitator. She also provides spiritual healing sessions using shamanic and energy modalities such as Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Reiki, and Conscious Dying for end-of-life support.

THURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2019:  1:00 - 5:00 pm


newharmony maze

New Harmony, IN:  a day of exploring and connecting deeper with your own spirituality in this quaint & unique community!


Join Sharrie Thompson for a tour of New Harmony founded in the early 1800s on a commitment to search for utopia.  You will learn not only the history of the area but also delve into the dedication to living close to nature.  


Cost: $30

Contact for details: sharriethompson @ gmail . com  270-559-5955

OR send a message through the CONTACT page.


Please scroll down to see other opportunites for fall.  If you were interested in this one, please send a message so we can  plan another!

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